About Us

Meet The Hippie Souls Behind it All

Day Dreamer Steph

Living in Colorado I can’t help but feel inspired and happy. I’m surrounded by the most beautiful landscape that’s filled with an abundance of wildlife. My entire life I’ve been a “crafty” girl. I love making things from scratch (that does NOT include COOKING) ha! From knitting, building and designing I’m constantly coming up with new projects. I support myself as a graphic designer. I’m finally designing for myself and I can’t be more excited!

Big Hugs! Steph

Day & Night Dreamer Gigi


I’m Steph’s soul sister. We’re two peas in a pod and never argue about anything (lol). My design approach is completely different from Steph. We pretty much love the same styles but have different inspirations. Road Trip Hippie’s designs are definitely unique and fun because of our differences.

*I’m an avatar because I always look good when I can design myself*



Positive Energy Source Morgan

You can look at me and see why I’m the soul of this company. I mean, I’m so cute and sweet. I make sure we have nothing but positive energy in the office and I encourage everyone to get out and take me to lunch or for long walks. I’m a girl and am usually sporting a pink polka dot collar to make it super clear of who I am. I still get called a cute “boy” but I’ll take it as long as it comes with belly rubs. *ruff,ruff*

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